Caricatures and Cartoons by Simon Ellinas – Caricaturist in London

WELCOME TO THE website of Simon Ellinas, caricaturist and cartoonist based in London, United Kingdom. Simon has been a cartoonist and caricaturist ever since he could pick up a pencil. He started drawing professionally for newspapers and magazines including The Sunday Times, The News of the World and The Week. His corporate clients include Apple, BBC, BT, Comic Relief, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, ITV, Microsoft and many more. For live caricatures at weddings, parties events and conferences you won’t get better entertainment than that provided by the caricaturist in London, Simon Ellinas. Drawing traditionally with pen on paper or digitally through a tablet which can be connected to large screens, you’re sure to leave your guests breathless with amazement at his virtuoso artistry.

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THANK YOU for providing such fun and entertainment at the DMT New Year party - all of the guests were delighted including Cameron. Thank you so much for all of your time and effort, which combined with your convivial charm just adds the perfect touch to any party.” Sue Uings

Cartoons and caricatures are also available for books, magazines, websites and – a very popular service – caricatures drawn from photos as unique gifts and presents for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, leaving presents or just for fun.

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“We were very pleased with his Caricature work which he delivered in a matter of days. Our client was delighted too! We will certainly be using him again in the future.” George Galanapoulos London Executive Aviation Ltd.

Cartoon Visualisation at brainstorming sessions sees Simon Ellinas drawing quick cartoons on flip charts or pads to illustrate the main aspects of any corporate speech or presentation.

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“Simon is phenomenally creative. He continues to surprise me in all his work he achieves. A true entrepreneur and has something special about him that is out of the ordinary. I would recommend him in all his multi faceted creative visual and written skills.”John Athanasiou, HarperCollins